Those in red also available for female trainees only..

Basic course should be completed before applying for any other course.


Basic CBRN Course
Radiation Safety Awareness Course
Chemical Safety Awareness Course
CBRN Detection Course
CBRN Medical Course
CBRN Decontamination Course
CBRN Decontamination of Special Groups & Disabled People
CBRN Decontamination of Service Animals
CBRN for Freight and Mail Receivers
CBRN Planning and Response in Mass Gathering Events
Critical Infrastructure CBRN Planning & Response
VVIP/VIP CPRN Protection
Population CBRN Awareness


Radiation Safety Officer Course
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Training Course
Live Agent CBRN Device Investigation Course
Sampling and Identification of BCR Agents (SIBCRA) Course
Live Agent Training CWA Course
Live Agent Training BWA Course
Live Agent Training “R” Course
Live Agent Medical Responder Course
CBRN Forensics Course
Hospital CBRN Preparedness: From A to Z Course
Critical Infrastructure CBRN Planning & Response Recertification CBRN Course