Holistic CBRN Training Model

This training model is based on a step by step provision of CBRN knowledge and related capabilities according to the specific needs of the organization requesting CBRN training. In addition, special courses are provided for female CBRN First Responders, as well. The training model follows the steps described below – duration of each step is indicative.

  • Meeting with organization’s officials to define their mission and explore peculiarities and needs
  • Basic CBRN Course (theoretical – 5 days)
  • Consultation on CBRN equipment to be purchased
  • Purchase of specialized equipment (necessary for Advanced Training)
  • Advanced CBRN Training I (theoretical – operation oriented 4 days)
  • Advanced CBRN Training II (familiarization with equipment – 4 days)
  • Advanced CBRN Training III (hands-on field training based on simple scenarios – 4 days)
  • Advanced CBRN Training IV (hands-on field training based on complex scenarios /night training – 4 days)
  • Scenario-based tabletop exercise (2 days) and full field drill (1 day) leading to “CBRN Expert Certificate”
  • CBR Live Agent Training (in Europe: 1-3 weeks) leading to “CBRN Instructor Certificate”
  • Two (2) half-day field drills per year (one: surprise drill)
  • Recertification course (3 days) every 2 years.
It is evident, that the Academy is not providing isolated courses – meaning that in order to be able to proceed to a new course, the previous level should be done and tested accordingly. It should be noted that each training step will be followed by a written examination. Trainees that failed the test, will be given a “Certificate of Attendance” while those succeeding in the exams will be awarded with a “Certification of Training [plus the level of training]”. The content of each course will be distributed to all trainees in electronic form along with an electronic library for further reading.