About Qatar CBRN Academy

Our Vision

The vision of the Qatar CBRN Academy is very simple: to provide training to all the first responders and population that might be involved in a real incident with chemical, biological or radiological agents following an accident or a terrorist attack in urban environment,along with any potential industrial chemicals that can be used as weapons. We engulf the perception that such an incident might happen in our shift and therefore we should be adequately prepared to save responders’ lives in order to be able to save others in need. Our training, consultation expertise, and hands-on experience from mega events will help your organization to overcome problems and be ready for the benefit of the people, the businesses, and the nation itself! Share our vision and walk with us the road of knowledge!

Mostapha S
General Manager

With more than 30 years of experience
in field of Management and Operation Read More

BG(ret.) Ioannis Galatas ,MD
Director of Operations & Training

He is a retired military physician with
more than 35 years of experience   Read More

Redovane S
IT Manager

He is responsable of all IT department with more than 20 years of experience    Read More


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  • International CBRNE Institute (Belgium – Memorandum of exclusive collaboration)
    Website: www.ici-belgium.be
  • Observatory of Security and CBRNe Defense (Italy-MoU)
    Website: www.osdife.org/en
  • HotZone Solutions (The Netherlands – Memorandum on exclusive collaboration in Live Agent Training))
    Website: www.hotzonesolutions.org

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